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Purebred Great Pyrenees Puppy born March 5, 2024. Both parents are AKC registered (Dame: Daisy Duke; Sire: King Solomon). She is Deaf, very confident, outgoing, and friendly. She is the first to run up when she sees you and a big ball of love. As of May 15, she is 26 pounds. I anticipate her adult weight will be around 80-95 lbs. We breed Livestock Guardian Dogs, which clearly she will not be able to do since she can’t hear. We have a certified behaviorist perform a puppy temperament evaluation on all of our pups. She showed strong signs in her personality that will serve her well with her lack of hearing. She has only lived outdoors with her parents, siblings, our other LGDs, cats, and livestock.

Photos above Helen on the farm.

We will screen the potential owner and do a site visit if close enough, otherwise a video conference will be required. Please contact me if you’re able/willing to take on this sweet girl!

The above photo is Helen’s parents with a puppy from a previous litter (Helen is not in this photo). 

Helen’s adoption fee is $350 to a screened and approved home only and you must live within 3 hours drive of Oregon City Oregon to be considered for adoption. If you think you can give sweet Helen a safe an loving home in a home with a large fenced in yard where she can run, play and stay safe, please email Jim at: [email protected] for more information.

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