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If you find that your blonde hair has turned brassy, you’re not alone. When trying to fix the issue, you might ask, “Does dark ash blonde cover orange brassy hair?” The answer is yes!

You have two options when dealing with orange brassy hair: lifting the orange and toning it with a violet toner or covering it with a blue-based ash blonde.

Do Dark Ash Blonde Cover Orange Brassy Hair?

Yes. Dark ash blonde covers brassy orange hair by neutralizing the warm tones of orange-brassy hair. Dark ash blonde contains blue/green pigmentation. Based on color theory, blue lies opposite orange on the color wheel. The cool tones in blue neutralize the warm tones in orange.

Hair with higher levels of brassiness requires deeper dark ash blonde for full coverage. Dark ash blonde contains more blue and ashy pigments, which cancel out the warmth in your hair.

Once you have covered orange or brassiness with dark ash blonde, you’ll need to maintain it with blue shampoo to prevent brassiness.

How To Use Dark Ash Blonde Dye on Orange Hair

How To Use Dark Ash Blonde Dye on Orange Hair

If you’re dealing with unflattering orange or brassy hair, you’ve probably wondered, “Do dark ash blonde cover orange brassy hair?” One way to reverse orange brassy hair is to apply dark ash blonde dye.

The dark ash blonde dye acts as a toner by depositing blue pigment molecules on your hair. Demi-permanent and permanent dark ash blondes work best as they reach deep into the hair shaft. You must follow the correct process when using the dye to counteract brassiness.

Start by protecting the working surface and yourself. Lay a towel on the work surface and floor to trap dye spills. Then wear an old t-shirt to protect your clothes. Apply a layer of Vaseline along your scalp and ears. Detangle your hair.

Next, combine a dark ash blonde hair dye with a 10 or 20-volume developer. Use a 1:1 ratio or follow the recommendations on the packaging. Ensure the mixture is enough to cover your whole head. Blend the two into a smooth consistency.

Section your hair into at least four sections for easy application. Start applying the mixture to each section, saturating every strand. Apply up to about ½ an inch away from the scalp. Repeat the process until you cover the entire head. Return to each section and apply the mixture to your roots.

Leave the mixture in your hair for up to thirty minutes. Start the timer after you’ve applied the mixture to the last section.

Rinse out the dye. Wash and condition your hair. Apply a blonde hair mask to protect your hair and style it as desired. That’s how you cover dark ash blonde on orange brassy hair.

How to Tone Orange Brassy Hair To Get Dark Ash Blonde Hair

How to Tone Orange Brassy Hair To Get Dark Ash Blonde Hair

Dyeing hair with dark ash blonde is one way to cover orange. However, you can use toner to neutralize the orange in your hair. You will need a pigmented blue-based product to get your hair to a vibrant dark ash-blonde color.

You can tone orange brassy hair in three ways:

  • Using blue shampoo
  • Using blue conditioner
  • Using a blue- or purple-based permanent toner

Using Blue Shampoo

Deep-pigmented blue toning shampoos are gentle on your hair and remove brassiness within a few minutes of application. For the best results, apply the toner on wet hair. Distribute the shampoo through all the hair strands.

Massage the shampoo into your hair for a few minutes for even results. Rinse with cool water, then condition with a color-safe conditioner.

Using Color-depositing Blue Conditioner

Color-depositing blue conditioner works well alongside blue shampoo. Like the shampoo, it should be deeply pigmented and applied on wet hair for the best results.

Apply the conditioner quickly and evenly to your hair for even results. Comb through the hair gently with a wide-toothed comb to spread the conditioner.

Leave the conditioner in your hair for the recommended time, then rinse it thoroughly with cold water.

Using Permanent Toner

Highly pigmented blue-based permanent toners are the best at toning orange hair to dark ashy blonde. They also work best on towel-dried damp hair but have the highest risk of hair damage.

Mix the toner with 10 volume developer in a 1:2 ratio. Protect your scalp with a layer of Vaseline. Section your hair and start applying toner quickly to all sections. Leave for about ten minutes. Remove a strand to check if it’s toned. If not, reapply the toner and leave for another 5 minutes.

Rinse with cool water thoroughly once the hair is processed. Ideally, you should not wash the hair for two days to prevent the color from washing off. Condition your hair to moisturize it.

Dark ash blonde tones orange brassy hair by neutralizing the warm orange or brassy tones. Dark ash blonde has blue and ashy pigments, which cancel out the warm orange tones. Heavily pigmented blue dye or toner removes orange and brassiness from hair.

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