Who’s Ready For Some Competitive Sniffing Practice?

My GBGV Life Who's Ready For Some Competitive Sniffing Practice?Who’s ready for some competitive sniffing practice? We do this once a month or so as it builds drive. One needs to be careful as it can also cause dogs to fight over odor. For that reason, Nelson plays the game with one girl at a time to keep things safe.

How does it work? Mom has a pouch full of yummy treats. She takes one of our hides, today it is a clear plastic smiley tin, and chucks it into the yard when we are not looking. We get the search queue and take off to find it. First dog to find the hide gets treats. Mom takes the hide and when we are not looking, she throws it again. Today we got to search seven times. Nelson was a rock star, but I still beat him by one hide.

My GBGV Life sniffing caravanOff we go. The hide can be anywhere in the yard on the ground. Once and a while Mom will stick it on something up higher, but usually it is a ground hide. We don’t usually follow each other, but as I approached the hide, Nelson was also on the same path.

My GBGV Life air scentingWe look high and we look low. Lots of air scenting goes on with us.

My GBGV Life Who's Ready For Some Competitive Sniffing Practice?Nelson is a thinking kind of guy. He is multi tasking, walking, sniffing, and thinking all in one.

My GBGV Life at the hideOh look! I found a hide! Mom chose the clear plastic hides because they are harder to see in the snow. We don’t go by our eyes anyway, but it makes her feel better.

My GBGV Life Nelson air scentingNow Nelson is doing some air scenting. It may be combined with a bit stretch too.

My GBGV Life tracking odorI think Nelson is onto something with his tracking odor technique. This competitive sniffing practice stuff we do not only builds drive, but it teaches us that even if we clear an area, there could be a hide there that we missed. Actually, we didn’t miss one, but we are not supposed to know Mom is constantly tossing the same tin.

My GBGV Life Who's Ready For Some Competitive Sniffing Practice?Now Nelson is coming in on the hide and I am hot on his tail. Unfortunately, he claims this one and gets the treats. I have to find more to get my treats.

My GBGV Life Olivia scenting upI’m thinking there might be a hide up on the deck, but I am not sure. Air scenting helps me work out the answer to that question.

My GBGV Life walking and sniffingIn between finds, we are all over the yard thinking and sniffing, trying to find where the next hide will be. We know the treats are waiting for the winner and we each want the treats!

My GBGV Life Who's Ready For Some Competitive Sniffing Practice?I’m sealing the win finding the last hide Mom has for us. The weather is no fun, so it is a good time to practice sports. Maybe if the sun comes back we can go for a fun walk somewhere. In the meantime, competitive sniffing practice is always a fun thing to do for all four of us!

We’re joining our friends at Living Laughing and Barking in Our Backyard for their Nature Friday blog hop.

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