When Neglecting your pup’s flea treatment! Hellow dog

With detrimental effects such as fast irritation, disease transmission, exponential population growth, and extreme hassle, a flea treatment isn’t just another appointment on your calendar. It’s your way out of all the trouble uncontrolled fleas can unleash in your home. 

Gaining a better understanding helps highlight why consistent flea and tick prevention is vital for every pet parent. It protects your pup’s health, comfort, and even their life in some cases of flea bite anemia.

Given the nominal amount you must invest to prevent an infestation effectively, it’s the less painful route than attempting to “cure” a severe flea problem after the population explodes. Just like when you take your daily vitamins and medicines to prevent health issues, our pets depend on us to be diligent about their monthly preventative care. 

 Set alerts on your phone, mark them on your calendar, or find another system that helps you remember to stay on schedule. That way, you can continue seamlessly protecting your fur baby and avoid the headache, mess, and risks of attempting dog flea removal once they’ve already reached epidemic proportions untreated. Slacking for even one or two months can, quite literally, come back to bite!

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