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Watch Becky G Breaks Down Her Most Iconic Music Videos

Yo, what’s up everybody?

It’s your girl Becky G, and I am here

to break down some of my most iconic music videos.

[upbeat music]

[Becky G sings in foreign language]

This song is called La Nena.

It’s featuring an amazing artist named Gabito.

It was 2023.

The director was Santi.

It was our first time working together actually.

The overall visual concept for this music video

was to do something

that felt like a bit film-like cinematic.

We actually quite literally shot it on film

which I like for people to know because, you know,

it’s not just an aesthetic, like it’s an art form.

What you see is what you get

when you shoot music videos on film.

So that was super important for us.

The music video is like sexy vibes,

very like fly on the wall.

And that was kind of like the essence that we wanted to give

for the music video.

One of my favorite things about shooting on film

and if you go back to some of like, you know,

the most iconic movies, there’s this grainy finish

on one’s skin and it makes it look flawless.

You don’t have to really ever do any beauty touch-ups

or anything like that.

I mean, today, yes, we are spoiled

with very high-quality cameras but there is a clarity

to film that also gives this, like, I don’t know,

this like fuzziness to it as well

that it just makes makeup look incredible.

It definitely inspires me to, like, go off

on my glam always.

I would say like a go-to Becky G makeup look.

It’s always with like a cat eye shape of some sort.

Sometimes it’s like a diffused eyeliner

maybe done with, like, a color liner or something

but it’s always in that cat eye shape.

And I went with that specific look in this music video

’cause I wanted to feel super,

I don’t know, just badass. [laughs]

The black two piece set was, like, an absolute must for me.

With the choker that says La Nena of course,

a little [tongue clicks] to the song

as well as there’s also says La Nena on the back

of the little crop top jacket as well.

So I’m all about the details as you can tell.

The pink catsuit for me, it was an obvious one.

Once I put it on, I was like, Wow, I love this.

I feel super empowered, really sexy

but at the same time it’s like, I’m still covered up.

So it was just, like, it leads to the imagination

which I also really liked.

♪ I always seem to smile ♪

This is a music video to my song Shower that was shot

in 2014 and it was directed by Tim Nackashi,

I think is how you say his last name.

This day was so crazy for me, really exciting day

but also an overwhelming day

because there were so many things that we shot

in that one setup.

It was this one house and I was like,

Oh, it’s gonna be really simple.

We’re gonna be by the pool then we’re gonna sing

in the shower and it’s gonna be super

just like straight to the point.

But there’s actually a lot of cool techy camera things

that we did as well.

I think in every music video I feel like it’s an opportunity

to just play dress up, you know,

sometimes I feel super girly, sometimes I feel just very

like, I like my street wear.

I like it for it to feel a little tomboy esque.

I think for this music video, it was a hot summer

in LA vibes, you know, so cutoff shorts, crop tops.

It’s so fun.

Little insight to the time was, I was a cover girl.

At the time, I was the youngest cover girl.

So I was very, very excited.

And I also was starring, of course,

my true Becky G cat eye winged liner moment

for this music video.

[Becky G sings in foreign language]

This is my song, my Mayores.

[Becky G sings in foreign language]

And we shot this music video in 2017

and the director was a dear friend

of mine named Daniel Duran.

The whole concept of this music video was super fun

and very stressful

just because there was so much writing on it.

I knew it was gonna be one of those songs

that was gonna take my career to the next level and it was.

It was a video that reached a billion views, which is wild.

And of course, it wouldn’t have been possible

without my fellow collaborator as well, Bad Bunny.

Yeah, good times. Good times.

What’s really funny about Benito is that this day

I mean, I remember we had discussed, like, the creative deck

of, like, the concept of the music video and everything.

But he still had to go shopping on the day [chuckles]

of the music video to find outfits

for the master performance which was hilarious

and very stressful, especially for me

’cause I was like, Wait, we only have X amount

of hours to shoot.

But he got it done, thank God.

I remember that day being really, really special.

And the vibes were right.

It felt like my coming out as a woman,

I felt like it was like the first, like,

really like sexy music video

where I was really owning my sexuality

and I had just cut my hair.

So I felt very liberated and I was like,

Oh, this is gonna be a statement music video.

When I cut my hair, I felt like it was the right thing

for me at the time.

I felt like I was cutting ties, with like,

who I used to be and kind of owning who I am now.

And, like, the new journey I was beginning as an artist

and as a young woman.

And I think that so much in, like, my culture is, like,

if you have long hair, that’s what makes you pretty.

And I was just like, No, I’m beautiful regardless.

Like my hair has nothing to do with that.

And so yeah, when I cut my hair I was like,

Oh, yes, this feels pretty, pretty badass.

I am a false slash girly.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, a good mascara

on a natural beat day is also very nice.

In this music video, what was really fun

about the styling and the hair, and the makeup

was that, it is kind of like a time piece.

So we kind of go and created this world

where the architecture even of, like, the sets

that we were recording in, like, the spaces, the locations.

It felt like you were time traveling in a sense of this,

like, more Gatsby time underground.

But then there’s also, like,

these like, Star Wars elements.

So you’re like, when and where is this taking place?

And so I love that you’re just like immersed into this space

where it feels like LA and like an alternate universe,

if that makes sense.

Everybody believed in this music video

and there was not a person on that set that wasn’t smiling.

I think from ear to ear, once we rap because we did know,

like we did that, like this video’s gonna be fire.

[singer sings in foreign language]

This is Chanel, this was shot this year 2023.

And it was directed by also dear friend

of mine named Ricky Alvarez.

The concept for this video to me was, like, just a vibe

from top to bottom.

It was probably one of the easiest sets

I’ve ever like worked on.

Also shot 100% on film.

And because the vibes were right

and it was just like so chill,

it was just like a flawless shoot.

We were just flowing.

The vibes just kept going and going.

And by the time we knew it, we were on our last setup

and we’re like, [hands thud] We did that.

We’re watching the sunset together

from this really cool rooftop.

And I just wanted it to feel like also LA in the summer.

Basically, everybody who came together

on the Chanel project was basically 100% Latino.

And that was very, very special to me.

I felt like I saw myself not just in front of the camera,

but also behind the camera.

You know, seeing a director like Ricky

who is also like very proud to be Chicano Mexican American.

His intentions and the way he shot certain things really

just captured that essence.

And then the styling choices that we made.

I wanted to just be on my B shit, like, when I’m just me,

when I just, I’m hanging out with my family

and not trying to look like an artist.

You know what I mean?

Little moments even, like, when we were on the horse

and stuff like that.

That’s one of, like, my favorite setups in this music video

’cause it just like exudes, like, power

and, like, that essence of power, female power.

I mean, you just have a horse in the middle of the street

you’re like, none of this makes sense,

but it makes perfect sense and it looks right

and it feels right.

So there’s a lot of like interesting decisions

that we made for this music video that made it to be

what it is today.

[Interviewer] If you could describe the glam

for this video in like three words, what would the words be?

I would say for sure like Chicana,

like very, very Chicana, very LA to, you know,

as far as, like, where I grew up and how I saw my mom dress

and things like that.

Like, there’s just, like, little simple choices

that I think naturally just inspire the way

that I exist today as, like, a little fashionista.

So I’d say Chicana, I would say definitely empowered

like that’s the vibe it gives.

I’m trying to think, like, of words about, like,

what it looks like but I think what it felt like

to me was authentic.

It felt very authentic. That would be my third one.

[Becky G sings in foreign language]

This song is Arranca, and this music video

was shot in 2023 and the director was Karla.

Love this song.

And what was so sick about this video is as far as like

on the production side, the directing side, it was like,

it was just awesome badass women

putting together the concept of this music video.

And that for me was such a joy to be around.

Also very easygoing, very flowy on set.

So I love this music video.

Shooting Arranca was really special to me

because the song as a whole is very contagious.

It makes you wanna dance, it makes you happy

even if you don’t know what I’m saying, down to the beat.

It’s got something that is, like I said, contagious.

But when you think about the origins of the rhythm

of the music, I really wanted to give a visual

that represents that origin.

And so what was really special is that we went

to DR and we shot it in Boca Chica

and there’s a lot of locals there.

And that’s actually who we hired as our extras

for the music video.

And it was important to me that I was just the singer

of the soundtrack of the city and us capturing the people

of Boca Chica and what would happen, you know,

on a Friday night and what would happen if a block party,

you know, took over the streets.

And so every single setup was

about capturing [speaks in foreign language].

Like all of the nature that is, you know, the beach

and how, I mean, the water was like, [sighs]

it was just so nice.

A part of me wants to say, I’m a Pisces. I love the water.

But the ocean is terrifying.

There’s only, like, we only know what like 7, 8%

of what’s actually in the ocean.

For me, the inspo was kind of just giving

like [speaks in foreign language] vibes.

Like, I wanted little mermaid vibes, you know,

I wanted long hair. I wanted it to be wavy.

So you could see it either dry, wet, it feel very natural.

Also was really important to me.

The outfits were just like, you know, in the fitting.

I was just like, I wanna be kind of comfortable.

So like, I wasn’t like wearing heels or anything.

I just wanted to be with the people

and dance with the people and just really enjoy the energy

that was taking around me.

So to me the styling was like, the cherry on top.

It wasn’t like the star, the star was the people.

The star was Boca Chica.

[Becky G sings in foreign language]

This was Baile Con Mi Ex.

We shot this music video in 2022

and this was shot by our dear friend.

I say our dear friend because he really did

become like a friend of mine.

His name is Pedro. We love you, Pedro.

This song had such a journey.

It was inspired by a song that was written

in English originally for a male artist

called Dancing With My Ex.

There’s something about this song,

there’s a nostalgia to it and there’s a vulnerability to it.

The confession that is a song and the feelings

and how complex that story is.

I was like, We have to have a video

that really does that justice.

And Pedro like nailed it, completely nailed it.

And also 100% shot on film.

And this was one of my first times for one

of my own music videos shooting on film.

And so when Pedro hit me, this is my first music video

from my project to film, you know, shoot on film 100%.

I was like, I’m just gonna trust it.

‘Cause there’s again that vulnerability, that essence.

And so literally this music video, I remember watching it

and being like, These moments are so special.

There’s something about every single setup.

I mean, my favorite setup in this is the bathtub scene

when we’re just sitting down facing each other.

And it’s just like this conversation between two, you know,

past lovers and just the love and the friendship

that still happens in those like little interactions

is yeah, it’s very special.

What was really special about the styling

and just the overall beauty essence that we wanted

to capture on camera.

Pedro was very, very adamant that we go more stripped back.

He’s like, I’ve seen the glam Becky G, the on tour,

on stage, so much glitter, so much rhinestone

for the people up in the nosebleeds

to be able to see you shine.

But we’re gonna be really close and intimate

in this music video and I want to feel like I see you.

And I was like, Ooh, I love that.

There’s something really exciting about that.

And so I really ran with that.

And so much to the point where that natural, like, texture

in my hair is, like, my hair on a day

where I really give, like, my wavy hair, like, some love,

and I give it mousse and I diffuse it.

Like that’s what my hair looks like.

And as far as makeup goes,

we went with like a tinted moisturizer

and like very, very like thin lashes

and like, just something that like, again,

as Pedro said, Would you would see me in.

And so even with the outfits, you know,

there’s a bit of nostalgia to that as well.

I was thinking like, Oh, what would an actress back

in the days where in like, I don’t know.

Sixteen Candles or like,

you know, Ferris Bueller’s Day off.

Like, what does that look like on me today?

Thank you so much [speaks in foreign language]

for hanging with me

and breaking down all of my favorite music videos.

[upbeat music]

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