Viral Video: Dog Effortlessly Skimboards on Water, Amazes Viewers

Skimboarding is a fun water activity where a person rides a small, thin board called a skimboard, usually at the edge of shallow water, like at the beach. Although it’s uncommon to see dogs skimboarding, there have been cases where dogs were taught to do it or joined their owners in the sport.

There’s a popular video featuring a dog named Rufus, skilled at skimboarding. It has caught the attention of many people on social media. The video was shared on an Instagram account called @minibullrufus, which is all about Bull Terriers. In the video, Rufus makes skimboarding look easy as he glides smoothly across the water.

This impressive display of Rufus’s skimboarding talent has amazed online viewers and highlights how agile and capable dogs can be.

One user left a comment wondering how you even start training a dog to do something like this. They joked about whether the dog saw the board and decided to chase it and hop on.

Another user expressed how impressed they were, saying it’s one of the coolest things they’ve seen a dog do, along with skateboarding and surfing.

This video and other posts on the same page demonstrate that dogs can learn to skimboard alongside their owners with the right temperament and training. Typically, it involves the dog running onto the skimboard as it’s pushed into the shallow water, and then the board glides across the water’s surface with the dog on it. It requires a good balance between the dog and the owner and some level of cooperation.

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