Tips on Feeding Your Dog


how much to feed your dog
Kompis is actually at her perfect weight, but about 1/2 the dogs I work with could lose a couple pounds.


Here’s my advice on How to Feed Your Dog:


FIRST – Most importantly:


More Tips:

#1. Don’t just scoop the same amount of food every day.
If you take an extra long hike, adjust and feed him more. If you don’t get out much one day, feed him less. It’s simple logic, but most people don’t think this way about feeding their pets.   Also take into account bones and treats you’ve dished out, because they add calories as well. You have to pay attention to how to feed your dog on a day to day basis.


#2. Only feed your dog 2 times a day.

If the food is always out, it becomes less interesting.  It’s also hard to know when he’s going to need to go out if you don’t know when he last ate.  A schedule is best, and even making him “work” for his meal will help him enjoy it more (just a simple “sit” and “stay”  like this is fine).


#3. Switch it up.  

Just like humans, dogs can get bored eating the same thing, plus variety helps ensure he’s getting all the nutrition he needs.  In addition to changing out his regular diet every few weeks,  I recommend adding just a tiny bit of a treat to kibble.  A piece of chicken the size of a blueberry chopped up and mixed into his food will make it smell & taste better and seem like something new & exciting.  One small dog treat mashed up into the food will do the same.


#4. Please do not use “diet” foods for your dog!

Just like with humans, it’s best to eat healthy and exercise.  These food usually have fillers and aren’t the best quality for your dog.  And they might not even be nutritionally balanced.  For instance dogs (like humans) need a certain amount of fat in their diets.


#5. Use this wonderful dog food calculator.

Enter the kcal/cup of your dog’s food, ideal weight, and activity level, and voila! You’ll get the exact amount of food your dog needs.This site is also a good place to look up your dog’s food to see how it rates. They review almost every type & brand of food and compare how they stack up nutritionally. dog-food-calculator


Happy feeding!

 feeding your dog

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