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The Team’s South Korean Food Tour!

Our food tour in Seoul was an unforgettable journey of flavors and discoveries.

From sizzling Korean BBQ to a food court feast at the Hyundai Department Store in COEX, our taste buds were in for an adventure. We even tried out Asia’s most popular fast-food chain Lotteria and immersed ourselves in the vibrant food scene at Gwangjang Market.

The Korean BBQ experience was a highlight. What’s a better place to do Korean BBQ than Korea? We gathered around the grill, watching as the meat sizzled and the smell filled the air. We had traditional sides called Banchan – it was a true culinary delight that left us craving more.

At Hyundai Department Store’s food court, the options were endless. From local dishes to international cuisines, we indulged in a variety of flavors that perfectly matched the mall’s diverse atmosphere and wide variety of shops.

Our visit to Lotteria brought a fun twist to the food journey. Trying out the local chain gave us a taste of the Korean fast-food culture. With burgers, fries, and uniquely Korean items such as the Bulgogi burger, it was a quick and satisfying stop on our culinary adventure.

We also visited the Gwangjang Market! It’s a bustling hub known for street food and local eats. From savory pancakes to freshly made dumplings, every vendor had something tempting to offer. It was the perfect place to immerse ourselves in authentic Korean street food and experience the city’s vibrant food culture up close.

Our food tour was a blend of flavors, cultures, and moments that left us with a deep appreciation for Seoul’s food scene. Just like our visit to COEX, every meal was a chance to explore, enjoy, and savor the essence of this vibrant city.

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