Simple Valentine Cookies For Kissable Dog Breath

My GBGV Life Simple Valentine Cookies For Kissable Dog BreathLet’s make some simple Valentine cookies for kissable dog breath! This time of year, everyone likes extra smooches but not when your pup has smelly breath, right? Come along with me to bake these simple, yummy cookies that your pup will love, and they will freshen her breath as well. Grab the recipe at the end of this post.

My GBGV Life mix up the ingredientsThis recipe is real quick and uses five basic ingredients and a cookie cutter. Being February, I chose to use a small heart shaped cookie cutter. To start, put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl or food processor and mix them well.

My GBGV Life tongue out for tastingWhen the dough is ready, place it on the floured counter and roll it out so you can cut the cookies. Can you tell, just the smell has me ready to start tasting as soon as possible!

My GBGV Life cookies all cut out.The cookies have mint in them. Dogs can eat mint, but they shouldn’t eat a ton of cookies each day. This is why I am using a small cookie cutter and we got forty two cookies from the recipe.

My GBGV Life tasting the doughBefore I stick them in the oven, I have to do the hard job of tasting them. Oh boy, are they yummy. I wasn’t sure if I would like them, but I love them!

My GBGV Life Simple Valentine Cookies For Kissable Dog BreathHow about a smile from the baker? Yep, they are definitely going to be fantastic!

The cookies look kind of funny before they are baked. I think the parsley is sticking out giving them a furry look. No worries, that will disappear with baking.

Now the cookies for kissable dog breath are out of the oven and all cooled off. It is time to offer free kisses to any dogs you know! I can also tell you all four of us, even the picky Madison, love these little bites. Mom says they do freshen up our breath too. Get the recipe here and make some for your favorite furry friends!

My GBGV Life is happy, so we’re joining Comedy Plus for Happy Tuesday!

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