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I haven’t used my posts for venting or even for bringing up issues.  But I feel the time has come.  One my walk  above Glen Park Canyon yesterday, I saw 3 sets of dog poop bags, all filled with poop, within about 100 yards of each other.


I don’t understand.

dog poop bags

What’s with all the bags?

Why are people using the bags, but then just leaving them out on the ground?


Yes, there are no garbage cans right there, but there are some right up the path at the park above.  They can’t carry them a few hundred yards?  Are they trying to complain that all paths should have garbage cans?


poop bags3

They are everywhere!


I guess it’s better than stepping in poop on the path, but it’s certainly not better for the environment!

Now we have poop AND trash!


poop bags2



Does anyone else have an opinion on this?  Am I missing something?  Do you do this and, if so, can you explain why?


Also, it is just a city (San Francisco) thing, or do people see this happening elsewhere?




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