Penny-TN – Deaf Dogs Rock

Meet adoptable 3 year old deaf Dalmatian Penny who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, be patient with her, take her out to go potty often to reinforce positive potty habits and always keep her safe.


From her caregiver: I have a purebred Dalmatian, who is deaf and special needs. We’ve had penny for 2.5yrs now, we got her when she was 6mo and didn’t know she was deaf when we bought her. We have had severe potty training issues since we’ve gotten her and she’s an anxiety ball of mess, she’s attached to my hip like Velcro. She is fixed. She has papers. She is chipped.

She is on a special diet and has a very sensitive stomach. I have taught her some hand signals.

I love her but I have 3 littles and no time or mental capacity anymore to clean after poop and pee. She needs someone dedicated to her house training and who is home often to work with her. She is a very sweet dog, amazing with my kids and other people, she loves our cats and other dogs too. Very, very friendly. She is nervous in an anxiety type of way but has never, ever bitten or tried to bite anyone, like I said she is great with and has been around small children her entire life. I bathe her and trim her nails myself and she does fantastic with both.


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