Peekaboo! Nelson Debuts Being Two!

My GBGV Life Peekaboo! Nelson Debuts Being Two!Nelson debuts being two today. Happy Birthday to me, the little brother, the man in the house, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Handsome, just to mention a few of my nicknames around here! As Mom does with all of us, she took me to a nice spot of a walk to take a few photos of me turning two.

My GBGV Life party hat arrivesDo you like my hat? Party hats are getting really hard to find, especially nice, fun ones. Last year, Mom ordered special ones for Bailie and Madison but what about me? Well, she had The Sand Dollar Dog Company make me a custom hat of my very own. It is where my sisters got their hats from last year. Our friends Rosy and Sunny suggested this place for hats and more. They are absolutely right! I could not wait to see my hat but Mom made me wait until my birthday week.

Ta-da, here is my very own birthday party hat! Of course, I’m lime green guy, so it has lime green, and blue because I’m a boy. It sure is stylish and I just love it! No more last minute party hat panic for me because I have my hat for years to come!

My GBGV Life Peekaboo! Nelson Debuts Being Two!Birthday photos have been tough for us this winter as we haven’t had much snow, and it is always dark and cloudy. We found a day when the sun came out a little bit, so we headed out. Mom and I had a nice walk and took a few photos too.

My GBGV Life posing by lakeYou can’t see much of my hat in this photo, but you can get a good look at the birthday collar. We all share it and wear it during our own birthday week.

My GBGV Life Nelson on a tree stumpIt’s always fun to get up on things and pose for photos like this part of a tree stump that we found. Since I’m not afraid of anything really, I can climb up wherever my photographer would like me.

My GBGV Life Peekaboo! Nelson Debuts Being Two!When a guy debuts being two, he needs a sign. Mom always carries a chalkboard and chalk so we all can pose with our new ages. No chalkboard needed since we found this downed tree. Woo Hoo! I’m now two! Stay tuned tomorrow for some party photos and to see the party treats I chose for this year.

I’m joining Brian’s Home Blog in the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

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