Nelson’s Second Birthday Party For Three

My GBGV Life Nelson's Second Birthday Party For ThreeYesterday was my second birthday party, but only for three this year. Madison is on a strict diet during recovery from her surgery, so we only had the three of us. I promised Madison I will celebrate together a couple weeks. There is an extra piece of cake in the freezer for us to share when she is ready. The pieces are big, so we can easily split it. She also can’t sit on a chair at the table, and it would be cruel to invite her if she can’t participate. We celebrated at the kitchen table while she was napping.My GBGV Life cake hat birthday boy My cake this year is a melting snowman cake. I see it online all the time and have always wanted a piece. Mom and I thought it would be great for my party this year since until recently it has been so warm, and the blue is good for boys too.

My GBGV Life Nelson's Second Birthday Party For ThreeBailie and Olivia were super happy to join me for my party. I think they may have come just for the cake, not for me, but who knows. We actually got a pretty good photo for a change!

My GBGV Life did someone pass gasMadison missing really took a lot of fun out of the party. She is always so funny and fun, but we did our best to create our own fun, sometimes at the expense of another, LOL. GBGV’s are not known for being serious, we are simply clowns in fur coats.

My GBGV Life digging inMom served up the cake, and we all dug right in. Boy is it tasty!

My GBGV Life eating like animalsSometimes I think we are just animals the way we handle our food. It is hard to eat politely when something tastes so good.

My GBGV Life Bailie eating her cakeBailie is the most polite and she was also the last one to finish her piece of cake.

My GBGV Life Olivia eating cakeOlivia is a bit of a piggy like me. She like to gobble things down as fast as she can. It just disappeared!

My GBGV Life Nelson's Second Birthday Party For ThreeWhat about me, the birthday boy? I took the whole piece into my mouth at once but now I can’t find it. My plate is empty, what happened?

My GBGV Life Nelson searching for cakeWait, where is the birthday boy? What is he up to now? My sisters don’t even notice that I am gone.

My GBGV Life cake under the tableOh dear, apparently, I dropped most of my cake onto the floor as I tried to eat it all in one bite. My hat fell off when I crawled under the table, but I found my cake, whew!

My GBGV Life Nelson's Second Birthday Party For ThreeNow that the floor is clean, I can get any leftover crumbs in my spot at the table. I figure it’s my second birthday party, and I will behave like I want to behave, right?

My GBGV Life cleaning the tableI wanted to get up on top of the table, but the tablecloth slipped so I couldn’t get more than two paws up. At least I managed to get any leftovers from my sisters too. My party was fun. The melting snowman cake was to drool for. I can’t wait to celebrate again with Madison! Hopefully two will be a Grand year!






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