Mila is a beautiful, young Husky girl standing at Medium height with a lush, soft black and white coat. Poor Mila was one of the death row dogs we recently saved and she has come along leaps and bounds in the little over a month we’ve had her!  Mila is safe and cared for in a foster home being prepared for her forever home soon. Her foster parents have really spent a lot of time showing her how life can be and she has her boundaries and her schedules all fixed now. Her bossy behaviour is much better, and she is very loving and cheeky now, her personality is shining through.

Foster report

Mila is a smart, energetic and affectionate girl who loves her long walks and enjoys learning new tricks. She loves a fuss and relishes attention, but can be a bit of a bossy diva, so her forever home needs to have confident owners that she wont be able to dominate and push around. She would need someone with breed experience, who can handle her big personality and husky traits. She can be very sweet, and likes to put her head in your lap or fetch you a toy to trade when she wants something. 

Mila is very food motivated and enjoys learning new tricks a lot! She loves attention and being petted, and is happy to have a nice groom. She enjoys playing games with her human that involve using her sense of smell to figure out where things are. Like all dogs, she loves a good snooze, and prefers to nap near us during the day. Her favourite toy-based game is tug of war, but she can be over enthusiastic and needs sturdy no-stuffing rope based toys to play tug of war with.  She can’t be left with toys as she will destroy them in no time. She sometimes likes to chew a Nylabone. She doesn’t yet know how to play fetch, but we’re working on it so finger’s crossed! She’s got a lovely high jump, and she doesn’t know her own strength and can get carried away when playing, so wouldn’t suit a house with children. We think she would make a great candidate for Agility.

 Mila’s very friendly and outgoing. She loves strangers (and they love her!) and wants to greet everyone she meets on her walks. She likes to jump up and put her paws on people’s shoulders.  She’s fine with guests entering the house, and doesn’t bark when someone knocks at the door. She likes to peek out the window and watch people when they stop near our house. Mila doesn’t appear to be dog reactive most of the time. When she sees other dogs, she’s eager to meet them and will pull, but doesn’t typically bark at them or growl, but there have been exceptions. Unfortunately, most of the dogs in out neighborhood are very reactive, so it’s not easy to test how friendly she is up close. 

Mila is high energy and likes to walk a lot. We take a different route each time we walk her to give her more stimulation, and if we forget a “walkies” she wont hesitate to remind us. She’s an absolute pleasure to walk, typically walking with a slack lead and no pulling at all – that is until she sees a small furry or cat! Her prey drive is pretty high and she will try hard to pursue, revealing that she’s much stronger than she looks. Her bossy personality can show itself on walks too if she doesn’t think you’re going the right way, in which case she will try hard to take the lead from you. This also sometimes happens if you try to run with her. We’ve been working on this with her and are already seeing big improvements. She wears a harness and is happy to let you put it on her.

Mila countersurfs. We manage it well enough, but we don’t leave food out where she can reach it. She’s an angel in the car, sitting patiently in the backseat with no barking or complaining. She likes to sleep upstairs near us, and doesn’t bark during the night. She always wakes up at 7am and will subtly wake us up by shaking or scratching nosily nearby until we notice, and of course, when we do get up, she’s quick to greet us with a happy waggy tail. She’s quite vocal about how she’s feeling and will let you know if she’s unhappy, but doesn’t seem to ever howl/sing. Mila doesn’t like being left alone, or feeling like she’s being left out. I am at home all day, so we haven’t had many chances to see how she would adjust over time to being left alone, but so far it seems she wouldn’t do well. She recognizes her name very well and comes when called, but only when there are no distractions. Although she is great at learning tricks, we’ve noticed she struggles at word recognition and excels at recognising gestures, so all of the tricks we’ve taught her have hand commands too. She eats very fast, and has a sensitive tummy and needs a good quality food

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