How to Slow Down Dog Drinking Water? [Why + 10 Fixes]

So, you have experienced the concern of watching your beloved dogs gulp down water rapidly and now looking for ways on how to slow down dog drinking water… Totally Fine!

Fast drinking often leads to digestive issues or even dangerous conditions like bloat. Additionally, some dogs may be prone to choking or regurgitation due to the rapid intake of water. 

A common approach to minimize the risks associated with fast drinking involves the use of specialized slow-drinking bowls. These bowls are designed to regulate the flow of water, prompting dogs to drink at a slower, steadier pace. 

But there’s more behind “dog drinking lots of water suddenly”, let’s find the root cause first.

Why Is My Dog Drinking Water Excessively?

There are two reasons behind it; 1# Increased thirst (normal), which is a temporary shift in your dog’s water intake due to intense activities, salty diet, boredom, hot weather, and dehydration. 2# Excessive thirst which persists for days and is not normal. Hence, consulting your vet is recommended.

Now if you already consulted your vet and found out that this behavior of your dog is completely normal then there are ways to slow down your dog’s drinking water which I know is your main motive to read this blog.

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How to Slow Down Dog Drinking Water

Now that you know “why”, it’s time to find out “how”.

For quick-fix, try adding ice cubes inside the water bowl or leave the water bowl with less water which will encourage frequent, smaller drinks. For a permanent fix, you can use no-spill water bowl, floater bowl, dog waterer, or elevated water bowl which will discourage your dog from gulping water.

Let’s go deep down with each way;

How to Slow Down Dog Drinking Water


Try adding ice cubes:

If your dog drinks water really fast, here’s a simple trick: give them ice cubes. It’s a good way to keep them from swallowing too much air and the bones? No! THE WATER.

Dogs often love chasing them around! This is super helpful, especially in hot weather, as it cools them down.

I know, ice cubes can be messy and might wet your floor. So, if you’d rather avoid that, just put the ice cubes in your dog’s water bowl. The ice cubes floating in their bowl can be a fun distraction and naturally slow down their drinking. But, remember to watch your dog closely to ensure they don’t gulp down the whole Ice Cubes. 

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Leave the water bowl with less water:

By reducing the amount of water in the bowl, you encourage your dog to take smaller sips more frequently, which can help prevent gulping. This trick is one of my favorites and helped me with my dog’s gulping water behavior.

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Take away the bowl after 5 minutes:

Offering water for a limited time e.g. for 5 minutes can help regulate your dog’s drinking behavior and prevent them from consuming too much water too quickly.

Frequent Water Refills:

To slow down your dog’s water drinking, try giving them smaller amounts of water more often. This way, they don’t feel the need to go down a lot at once. 

Use multiple water bowls:

Placing multiple water bowls in different areas of your home can encourage your dog to drink more slowly because they have to move between bowls. This can also prevent competition between multiple dogs if you have more than one pet. But it can be troublesome for you to refill all those water bowls around the house that’s why I’ve put this one at the end and is not really recommended.

Permanent Fix

No-spill water bowl (Anti gulping water bowl):

No-spill water bowls or anti-gulping water bowls are designed to minimize spills and sloshing, which can help slow down a dog’s drinking by creating a more controlled flow of water.

You can use a floater bowl:

A floater bowl has a floating barrier or disk in the center that forces the dog to drink around it, slowing down their consumption. It’s like a fun game for your dog, making them take smaller sips and preventing them from gulping down water too quickly.

Dog waterer:

Automatic dog waterers dispense water in controlled amounts, which can prevent overconsumption and encourage slower drinking.

Use elevated water bowl:

Using elevated water bowls can be great for dogs with long legs or necks. When dogs drink from bowls on the ground, they have to work against gravity to get water into their mouths, and this can make them gulf their water quickly. 

Elevated bowls solve this problem by bringing the water closer to your dog’s mouth, so they don’t have to fight gravity. This helps slow down their drinking and reduces the risk of blood, a serious condition where the stomach twists. 

However, it’s essential to ensure that your dog has learned to drink more slowly before leaving them alone with the elevated bowl. This way, they can enjoy the benefits of the new setup without any issues.

Water fountains:

Water fountain: Some dogs may drink more slowly from a fountain-style water dispenser, as the movement of the water can discourage rapid drinking. Using a water fountain for your dog can help slow their drinking because it limits the amount of water they can take in at once. The moving water can be more appealing to them.

How Much Should A Dog Drink In 24 Hours?

How much water your dog needs can depend on different things. but, as a rule of thumb dogs should drink about one ounce of water for every pound they weigh in a day. For example, a 20-lb dog should drink about 20 ounces of water daily.

However, don’t worry too much about measuring every drop of water your dog drinks. Unless your vet tells you to, you don’t need to be that precise. The key is to always have fresh and clean water available for your dog every day. So, make sure your furry friend stays well-hydrated. 

Keep in mind that active dogs need more water than less active ones. You can use a dog water calculator to figure out how much water your dog needs each day based on its weight and activity level this will help ensure your furry friend stays properly hydrated. 

Should You Leave Water Out For A Dog All Day? 

In general, it’s a good idea to leave water available for your dog all day. Dogs are usually good at controlling how much water they drink and won’t overdo it. It is recommended that you always keep water accessible to your dog to prevent dehydration. 

Dogs lose water in various ways, not just through urination and Poop, but also by panting to cool down. So, it’s important to make sure your dog can drink water whenever they need it.

But it’s not just about leaving water out, you should also do a few more things. First, change the water in the bowl twice a day. Second, clean the bowl every day to keep it free from germs. Finally, make sure the bowl is always fresh to avoid having too many germs from your dog’s mouth building out in it, which can lead to health problems. So providing clean, fresh water all the time is best for your furry friend.

Wrapping Up

As a pet parent, it’s natural to be concerned about your dog’s well-being and their habits including how they drink water. While you might search for a solution and method to address any concerns, the most important thing is to never ignore your dog’s health and behavior.

Instead of getting lost in various techniques, take the time to observe your dog and how they respond to different situations. This can provide valuable insights into your dog’s needs to help you find the right answers to keep them happy and healthy.

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