How To Find A Good Dog Trainer

Whether it’s a newly adopted puppy or an older dog that has just become part of the family, visiting a dog trainer is a good way to ensure that your four-legged friend is well behaved. 

Not only can you work on the dog’s upbringing, but you can also positively strengthen the bond between the pet and its owner. A dog trainer is particularly worthwhile for those who have not yet had much experience with dogs. 

However, there is now quite a large selection of dog trainers in most towns and cities, so it is not so easy to choose the right dog trainer. 

The following article therefore explains which criteria are particularly important when it comes to finding a good dog trainer with whom both humans and dogs are equally satisfied. 

The preliminary talk

Good dog trainers usually offer a preliminary talk before the first lesson. This gives the owner and the dog trainer the opportunity to talk about any special features or problems the dog may have. In some cases, this is followed by another appointment to get to know the four-legged friend. 

Depending on the character, age and inclinations of the dog, either group lessons, individual lessons or training in special environments are available. 

Good dog trainers, such as Dale from Top Gun Dog Training, are characterized by always focusing on the individual needs of the animal and its owner. 

They should not follow a rigid concept, because professional dog training is always tailor-made. The basics are also reliability, mutual respect and fairness. 

The theory

In order to optimize the relationship between humans and dogs, a little theory is essential. Professional dog training providers ensure that owners are also taught theoretical knowledge, for example regarding correct behavior and proper communication with the dog. 

In the course of the dog training, owners then of course also learn in practice what reactions they should show to the behavior of their furry friend. In this way, all everyday situations can be mastered perfectly in the future.

Avoid boot camps

In good dog training, it is of central importance that the individual interaction between the owner and the dog is promoted. Training camps, where responsibility for the four-legged friend is often transferred to a dog trainer for several weeks at a time, are therefore not recommended. 

The chances of success of such dog boot camps are low. In addition, the absence of their known caregiver causes many dogs to suffer. Furthermore, the owner has no control over which methods are used to train the dog. 

The tone of voice

Commands should always be given in a calm tone of voice – high-quality dog trainers attach great importance to this. The dog is not pulled back and forth on the lead and there is no shouting. After all, the training goal can hardly be achieved in this way. 

A good dog trainer will respond to the individual needs of each animal. The background to the respective methods is also explained to the owners in detail so that they are comprehensible at all times. 

Violence is taboo

Good dog training should never involve the use of force. Instead, the aim is to positively reinforce the animal’s desired behavior. Non-verbal and verbal communication must also be clearly understandable for the dogs. 

In principle, dogs’ perception is very subtle. They also reveal a lot through their gestures and facial expressions – which humans must learn to understand in order to lead a peaceful and joyful life together.

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