help with dog resource guarding


Vitas came back for his next steps. We’re continuing to work on his resource guarding.

Help with Dog Resource Guarding

A Regal Dog!

The 2 keys things we’re doing are:
1. Perfecting “drop it” so he will willingly give up items (of low value for now), and
2. Continuing to work on adding high value treats to his bowl (actually, a tray) until he LIKES having someone approach him.


Here is The Pooch Coach’s video on how to train a dog to drop any item:



And here’s some info on Dog Resource Guarding, along with a video with simple steps to help your dog get over mild food guarding.  Even if your dog does not guard his food at all, this is still a great exercise to practice with him so that he continues to have no issues with anyone approaching him while he’s eating.


Click here for more info on resource guarding.


stop dog resource guarding

Vitas is learning to drop things, and is now allowing his parents to put treats in his food bowl while he’s eating.

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