Goldens in Golden (My Hometown)

Despite a dismal cold and snowy weather forecast that more than came true and resulted in a bit of a dicey drive home, I ventured down the canyon to our hometown of Golden, Colorado, for the 4th annual Goldens in Golden event. It’s one of the biggest gatherings of Golden Retrievers in the country. Photos and about 5 minutes of video ahead, including the cheering for the massive group photo at the end of the video! 

As asked people if they’d attended before and met a lot of first-timers. I did ask security staffers, and they said they thought the weather probably lowered attendance this year. So in better weather, imagine even more dogs! Even with good boots and outerwear, I got cold and soaked. 

Because parking in such a small town during a big event can be a whole thing, Mr. Champion of My Heart dropped me off and picked me up. 

Goldens in Golden Kind of New

I didn’t realize that this is only the 4th year of the Goldens in Golden event in Golden, Colorado. ABC News did a nice interview with the event’s founder.

Also, the city of Golden, Colorado, created a great video with drone footage the event in other years. 

According to a local TV news report there was at least one person who drove all the way from Florida to attend. Crazy!

Goldens in Goldens Travel Guide

So, I’m thinking I need to great my own hometown-gal’s guide to the event, with ideas on where to stay, where to eat, where to hike, where to park, which way to drive out of town (depending on crowds and weather), and where to get the best only-Golden photos. Stay tuned for that!

For Now … Enjoy These Photos

First, one of the sweet older dogs attending the Goldens in Golden event! 

Next, my FAV rubber-duck raincoat…

And, the smaller replica Howdy, Folks! Welcome to Golden + Goldens in Golden sign for photo opps. People lined up to take their turn! That’s not a photo filter. It’s nonstop snow on my camera lens. 

A quick look at the dicey drive home … from wet/sloppy snow to full-on winter driving drama in a matter of minutes. We made it home fine, but later that day countless people went off the roads in the canyon and got stuck. Even a county snowplow went into a ditch, trying to avoid an out-of-control car on the ice. It was rough going. 

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