Dog Leash Aggression – Dolly


dog leash aggression


Dolly is a 2 yr old miniature schnauzer. She has rare coloring for the breed. They traditionally are salt and pepper (like Kompis),or all black and more recently, black & silver. But she actually has some brown on her, which makes her unique!


Her issues are around anxiety and dog reaction. She’s not comfortable around other dogs, and shows it by being aggressive towards them, especially on leash.


This is a very common issue within a crowded urban area where it’s almost impossible to go out without running into other dogs.  Because of the embarrassment or fear of injury, most people end up taking fewer walks or only going out when they think other dogs won’t be around.  They even search for places to walk where no other dogs ever go.


But working around the issue isn’t going to solve it… In fact, it only makes it worse since unexercised dogs just get more anxious and reactive and undersocialized dogs become less comfortable and get no chance to practice greetings or learn that they can be safe and calm in the company of other dogs.


Learn more about leash aggression and its causes here:

dog leash aggression training

Dogs shouldn’t pull or strain on their leashes

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