Crazy Racing With The Girl Next Door

My GBGV Life Crazy Racing With The Girl Next DoorCrazy racing with the girl next door, one of my girlfriends, is so much fun. Yesterday when Olivia and I came back from sniff practice she was in the yard and the three of us started racing the fence line.

My GBGV Life three racing dogsThe weather went from almost a hundred degrees on Wednesday to sixties Thursday. It feels so good and it also energizes us. We had a lot of energy to do some good chasing with my big Leonberger girlfriend.

My GBGV Life the chaseIt all happened really quickly, so Mom couldn’t get her camera settings ready in time. She had to use auto mode which she hates just to make sure she got some shots. They are not as good as she would like, but she got action.

My GBGV Life Crazy Racing With The Girl Next DoorOlivia and I both do our hunting calls when we run FastCAT and when we chase, thus the open mouths as we go after my girl.

My GBGV Life a pile up of sortsWe had a bit of a pile up when we reached the end of the fence line, but no worries, we sorted things out. No one was injured in the small crash.

My GBGV Life love under the apple treeDown on the other end of the fence line, I had some alone time with the girl next door under the apple tree. We both like to eat the fallen apples but our parents tell us not to.

My GBGV Life Crazy Racing With The Girl Next DoorNow back to some more racing. It’s super fun since all three of us just love to run. Running is better with friends.

My GBGV Life where is everyoneThe fun started in a second and poof, the fun was over. I am left standing all alone wondering what happened. Now that it is cooler out, I hope we can race the fence more. Have a fun weekend!

I’m joining my friends at Living Laughing and Barking in Our Backyard for their Nature Friday blog hop.

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