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The CDC (canine dental care) plan I’ve created for Jaxson is new, but I’m seeing progress…

Allow me to start this post with “true confessions” –

I am not a diligent dog ma when it comes to brushing a Dood’s teeth. #thereIsaidit

I am improving because Jaxson is starting to show tarter on his tooth, and I don’t want it to become an issue. He’s never been a difficult dog to work with – he will let me stick my hand down his throat if need be (and when he was a pup I almost had to in search of an ingested sock. #hilarioustalepleaseread

Jaxson’s last annual went well, but for the first time – Doodle Doc pointed out some buildup on one side of his mouth, said there was time to clean it up before having to go full dental cleaning – and I took the discussion seriously.


do I intend to ignore what is best for him. He still eats healthy, loves his veggies, and can be hypnotized into doing anything at the sight of an apple…

After the vet consultation, I valued the opportunity to “take a knee” and try something outside of sedation. So we’re giving this new regiment a shot for about 6 months and then we will revisit what we do next. I hope that we can see significant improvement – but like Malcolm X said –

by any means necessary

is what I will do, to keep this Dood healthy!


currently consists of these products…

Going from left to right (I feel like Vanna White – can’t you see my arm floating across the front of my body? LOL)

  • TEEF – a plant-derived dental water additive to fight plaque and tartar. Their prebiotic formula attacks the cause of dental issues and boosts good germs for healthy gums, clean teeth, and fresh breath. I add the recommended dosage to his water about 3X’s a week ($28.00 for 30 servings).
  • PRO DEN PLAQUE OFF POWDER – Seaweed! that’s all it is – ground seaweed. I used this for years, and for the life of me can’t remember why I stopped. It’s so affordable and seems to last forever, AND IT WORKS!!!!! Fights bad breath, tartar, and plaque with a vengeance. I add the recommended dosage every morning with his breakfast. ($21.40 for 2.1 oz).
  • MAD ABOUT ORGANICS – This daily oral care liquid solution promotes healthy gums and better breath. I do not add this to his water as suggested. I use it to brush his teeth. Jaxson is fine with a toothbrush, what he doesn’t care for and runs from is toothpaste! He doesn’t like it at all. #stilllookingforalternativeslikegelfordogs But we’re consistently brushing several times a week now #dontjudgeme #strivingforeverynight ($9.99 for 4 oz).
  • ORGRIMMAR 3-SIDED PET TOOTHBRUSH – Game changer!!! This three-sided toothbrush design cleans in all directions. Easy to use if your dog moves his head like a bobblehead doll while you try to brush. There are no “bad angles.” There’s a tongue cleaner at the bottom of the handle – AND if you can do that with your dog’s tongue, please catch that on video for me PLEEZ…. #itwasafailforme ($14.99 for 4).
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and we will be back with a follow-up on how he’s we’re doing. If canine dental care is of interest to you – check out a recent episode from our podcast “Girls with Dogs” featuring Dr. Suzanne Craig.

Dr. Craig discusses –

  • Canine Dental Care
  • Overweight Dogs
  • Rising Allergy Rates in Dogs

Please drop some knowledge in the comment box below if you are winning the war on plaque and tartar with your dog. I’m all in – ears wide open.

Thanks so much for reading –

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