9 week old male French Bulldog Cross available for adoption

Meet the delightful Norris, a dinky 9-week-old male French Bulldog cross with a heart as big as his character. Despite his miniature size, Norris exudes personality and charm, making him an endearing addition to any loving home.

This little man’s journey has been unique, having been lovingly hand-reared due to his petite frame and the challenges he faced in getting the necessary care from his mother.

Now, Norris stands ready to embark on a new adventure as he seeks the warmth and security of his forever home.

Norris, though small, has conquered many hurdles, having received his first vaccination and a microchip to ensure he’s all set for his future adventures. Looking ahead, he will need to be castrated when the time is right, a small step in ensuring his long-term health and happiness.

A sociable fellow, Norris is open to sharing his space with other dogs and cats. However, his size suggests that a household with older children, aged 12 and above, would be the ideal setting for him to thrive and flourish.

His past experiences have forged a resilient spirit, making him a unique and special companion for those who are ready to welcome him into their lives.

As you consider expanding your furry family, think about opening your heart and home to this exceptional canine friend. If you can offer Norris the love, care, and commitment he deserves, you might just be the perfect match for this tiny yet extraordinary soul.

Are you ready to provide Norris with the forever home he so eagerly awaits?

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