9 month old female Cross-Breed available for adoption

DW is a 9 month old black and white medium crossbreed. DW fostered in North Walsham, Norfolk

We met DW in the shelter in Botosani – she was then a very happy, cuddly girl and still is now – DW had pneumonia in the shelter and we told her that if left this year she might not survive the winter – so here she is now in her foster home.

DW is such a gentle, friendly and confident girl with both people and dogs. This busy Christmas period she’s taken everything in her stride and settled into her foster home so quickly.

DW has learnt to walk on lead really well and now shows excitement at walks and is super friendly with dogs she meets out and about. Always wants to say hello. She’s gaining confidence each day with traffic, but this will need to be worked on further.

She is responding well to simple commands, sit, come, etc. It’s really lovely to see her doing zoomies in the garden and playing with toys happily. Simple things she’s missed out on up to now. She’s going to make one lucky family very happy.

We feel she could be rehomed with dog-savvy children over 8, with a companion, or as an only dog.

When you adopt a Safe Rescue dog, you MUST use a slip lead. This will keep your dog safe: your new dog will be nervous and will not trust you, and you will not know which situations might upset your dog.

If your dog panics, then a slip lead is the only way to prevent your dog from escaping (many dogs can escape from a collar and/or harness). It will take AT LEAST 3-6 months for your dog to settle in and for you to know your dog fully (longer for nervous dogs). The slip lead must ALWAYS be used during this settling-in period.

Even after your dog is settled, it is safest to use the slip lead in situations where your dog may become scared (e.g. visiting new places, around unfamiliar people, at the vet), and in situations where unexpected triggers might happen (e.g. around bonfire night). Nervous dogs may always need to wear a slip-lead as a backup safety measure.

The slip lead is a safety device and must NEVER be used as a training tool. Using the lead to apply pressure to the dog’s neck is damaging. If your dog pulls on the lead, then we can advise you on training methods that avoid harm.

Once your dog is settled, you may want to consider using a harness (together with the slip lead) if your dog is comfortable with being handled when it is fitted. Most harnesses are not escape-proof, but harnesses with a strap behind the ribcage (e.g. Ruffwear Webmaster or Perfect Fit Harnesses) are safer.

Retractable/extendable leads must never be used on our dogs.

Adopted dogs must be collected from the rescue and transported straight home in a crate.

Fences and gates must be 5ft min & secure.

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