7 Easy and Dog-Safe Indoor Plants

Pups are huge plant enthusiasts, of course, but providing them with nontoxic plants that we can also keep alive is quite the struggle. Never fear! We dug up 7 easy-to-care-for, pet-safe houseplants that are must-grows for anypawdy parenting both indoor plants and dogs.

1. Spider Plant

Person holding spider plant
Waterfall Nurseries on Etsy

Simply put, spider plants will put up with your bullsh*t. They’re tolerant of all kinds of shenanigans, making them an ideal choice for those among us who kill everything we touch. They’ll also reward you with a seemingly endless stream of plant puppies!

2. Basil

Basil plant in silver pot | Indoor plants for dogs
CYSupplies on Etsy

One of the few herbs that is safe for pets AND it pairs well with man’s other best friend. Yep, we’re talking about pizza. Don’t furget to share the crust!

3. African Violet

Person holding African violet
TheGrowHouse on Etsy

Doggo may or may not be able to see color, but she knows she likes it, okay? Add a pop of purple with this pet-safe flowering houseplant that blooms like a champ even in low light.

4. Calathea

Calathea plant in white pot | Indoor plants for dogs
FancyPlantsyLLC on Etsy

This plant is better looking than us, and we feel attacked. But your totally not-poisoned pup will feel great next to these fascinating stripes!

5. Zebra Plant

Zebra plant in white pot
NativeWestCalifornia on Etsy

Aloe is super cute, but because life is unfair, it’s also super not dog-friendly. Zebra plants look like aloe’s hotter friend but will not turn your home into a doggo nightmare.

6. Bromeliad

Hot pink bromeliad plant on teal patio table
LEHFarm on Etsy

After the year he’s had, pupper needs a vacay. Bring in those tropical vibes with a vibrant bromeliad. Pet-safe and easy to care for, these bold beauties will turn any room into a little slice of paradise. 

7. Polka Dot Plant

Pink and white polka dog plants | Indoor plants for dogs
FlowerBabyCompany on Etsy

Great news: the Dalmatian of the plant world is nontoxic to dogs and cats. Most importantly, its striking foliage will make your dog’s feed way more aesthetic, too.

Featured photo: Samson Katt

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