6 year old female Podenco available for adoption

Jade is a 6 year old female Podenco. She is being fostered in Gloucestershire in an adult home with other dogs. Jade weighs 25 kilos.

Jade’s story – Jade is from Spain – she had a loving home with another dog where she was happy and loved – unfortunately her mummy died and left her homeless – this was 3 years ago.

Jade was lucky enough to get a foster home in Spain but it was only short term and Jade ended up in kennels with a Charity out there.

We used to help the Spanish dogs a lot until all hell broke loose in the UK and being only a small organisation, we decided to only help the UK dogs now.

I visit Spain regularly and always support the Charity (Noah’s Arc) who were caring for her – I help them with assessments, pictures & videos and spread the word trying to help place the dogs in Spain.

Videos of her in Spain

Out walking with the other dogs

Her recall looking slightly better there

With her kennel mate

She is so lovely

Seeing Jade for the second year running in kennels despite doing so much to share her story we decided to help her – she is such a lovely gentle dog and needed a lucky break. Dogs like Jade can make a difference to people’s lives as you can to her’s.

So lovely Jade has now joined us in the UK and has settled into English life with her foster mum and her two dogs with no problems – when she first arrived she was very overwhelmed, very quiet and withdrawn but as the weeks have gone by she has come out of her shell and is back to the happy dog I knew in Spain. I told her should would thank me in the end but not sure she believed me then but she does now.

So Jade is a typical Sighthound around the home, loves sleeping and is very easy to live with, a gentle girl and completely house trained.

She knows quite a few commands, she travels well in the car, walks fine on the lead (unless she sees’s cat or squirrel then can be quite strong), plays with the other dogs even the other tiny little dog being fostered with her and has no issues at all. Just a very lovely soul.

Playing with Tiny Mouse her foster sister who only weighs 4 kilos

Playing with her bigger foster sister

She has been out and about with bikes, cars, and even a kid’s football match and is not fazed and fairly bomb-proof although worried if there are a small group of people over the park with their dogs she would say hello to one of the dogs but then step back behind you.

Out walking on the lead

Her recall is pretty crap like most Sighthounds I know it was in Spain – she will wander off and not hear you when you call her.

Over the secure field

She is a lovely dog, beautiful temperament and character- It would be nice for her to go with another dog or dogs as she was used to living with other dogs – because she recalled someone with a big garden or access to secure fields etc. would be preferred – think she would prefer country living rather than a town.

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