200: Emergency! Emergency!

More trauma this week.  

Anyone would think I have an exciting life … but I don’t really.  At least I try not to.

But that relies on me being informed about risks and my beans carrying out ()and acting on)  risk assessments on a regular basis.

Take this week (Tuesday) as an example.

My beans, habitually retire to the lounge after eating their (early) evening meal.  They retire to a cup of coffee and a dish of grapes.

On Tuesday there was some confusion about who was providing the coffee and the grapes and a slight delay occurred because the kettle was switched on late.

The net result was that the dish of grapes was made available before the coffee was ready and while I was the only being in the room.

I will admit to being an omnivore.  Regular readers will know I have recently tried to eat plastic implements amongst other non-foods.  I am also rather greedy which, in turn, has made me something of an opportunist.   

So, on this occasion, the dish of grapes was just too tempting and I made a successful bid to relocate the dish to the floor

By the time the first of the beans (TOWTLH) arrived, I had managed to eat significant number.

None of this would matter if grapes were not poisonous to dogs -.  They can cause kidney failure and result in death (quite serious.)

Now, how am I supposed to know this?  There was no warning label on the dish of grapes, not I suspect, on the original container.

TOWTLH summoned TOWTSH and pointed out what had happened.  She estimated I had eaten 5 or 6 grapes. (I had retired to my bed by this time as it was clear that ‘something was going on’.  

A quick check showed the vet (feel free to Boo) was still open.  A quick call suggested I should be taken there immediately.  TOWTSH took me (without a  thought as to possible expense) and the vet lady gave me an injection which made me vomit.

15 minutes later, I was back home with some charcoal medicine (to mop up any remaining grape juice)

My beans were £235 poorer but I was apparently safe because they had acted so promptly.

I’m fine now – thanks for asking.


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