198: Things are looking up

As I hoped for last week, TOWTSH is getting better.  Not well ….  but definitely better

He is coughing less and less violently. He has even gone to the pub with mates …. once…. the first time he has left the house for social reasons ….. in fact. I think the first time to do anything other than take me for a walk.

Of course I want to thank him for his loyalty to me over the last few weeks.  It’s been so cold that it can’t have been pleasant for him to take me out but he has never missed. 

The problem is that I have not exactly been a good girl whilst he has behaved so well

This week I have:

  • Eaten a biro

  • Urinated on the kitchen rug

  • Vomited on the hall carpet

  • Stolen and eaten a piece of chicken not intended for me

In my defence, I must point out that these were all single occurrences/offences.  

I can’t justify them other than by saying, “I’m only a dog”.but I do see that my timing was not of the best.

The relationship between dog and owner is complex and fraught with inconsistencies and exceptions.  I admit that I don’t always think before I act … I’m a dog of instinct and impulse. 

I could promise to try to be better in the future but I can’t promise not to break that promise.  

I am just a dog, after all.

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