10 Essential Tips When Flying with Your Dog

10 Essential Tips When Flying with Your Dog

It’s exciting to take your dog on a brand new adventure and quality time with your favorite pup makes the journey worthwhile. Whether it’s a business meeting in Austin or a luxurious weekend getaway in the Bahamas, knowing what to expect when traveling with your dog will make a difference. If you’re planning on braving a long road trip with your pooch instead of flying, consider checking out tips on keeping your dog entertained on the road.

However, flying with your pet dog can be tricky due to the nature of airport regulations and airlines’ policies. In this blog, we will share the top 10 tips about flying with your dog that you must keep in mind, to get the best of the experience!

Enjoy Flying With Your Dog With These Tips

Your Dog Breed Plays A Big Part

All dogs are not built for flying and that is a fact. Many breeds with small stature and calm temperament can get through airlines easily. Even if you have a small dog, it is important to know their mental capacity. Some dogs have anxiety and can cause a lot of trouble while flying. Make sure to consult your vet before packing your bags.

Travel Carrier is More of A Companion

Your dog is going to spend a lot of time, depending on the duration of the flight, in its carrier. Instead of buying a new one, use the one your dog is accustomed to. This will put the dog at ease and it might spend the whole flight sleeping.

Find Out About the Airport Beforehand

The good news is that all airports are now getting more pet-friendly. Regulations require them to have pet relief areas in each terminal for the convenience of owners and their pets. Still, it is important to do some due diligence and know all about the terminals you are flying to and from, just to avoid any trouble.

Have Your Dog’s Vaccine Record in Hand

All pets need to have an updated vaccination record to get on board. Instead of having an old PDF on the phone, visit your vet and get an updated record in hard copy. You might have to show it to the airport, the airlines, and even the hotel that you plan to stay in.

Tire Your Dog Out Before Boarding

This is a pro tip, especially for breeds that are agile and want to play all the time. If you want to have the best time during the flight, get all the energy out of the pet. You can play fetch for a while or go for a long walk before driving to the airport. Once you are on board, the pup will be pleasantly tired and cannot resist sleep.

Feed Your God Well Before Flying

There should be no chow before you and the dog board the plane. Earlier that day, give it enough time and a meal to have its fill and then have it relieve itself before moving toward the airport. The last thing you want to have is to deal with the “situation” in the cabin.

Pack All Dog Travel Essentials

There should be no skimping on carrying the dog’s travel essentials. Your pet is going to spend a lot of time in a confined space so it is only fair to make it easier for it. Poop bags and toys are a must so you can save yourself from embarrassment and occupy the dog with something to play with throughout the flight. 

Clearing Through Security Can Be Stressful

In most cases, getting through the security is more stressful than flying on a plane. For instance, you might have to remove the leash and collar of your dog to go through the metal detector while the rest of the stuff will go through the X-ray. So, it is best to avoid carrying high-maintenance items if you can.

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Prioritize the Contents of Your Carry-On

The dog is counted as a carry-on during flights which makes owners reconsider their preferences to pack up their stuff. Prioritizing is the key and what you put in your other bag can make all the difference. If you are conscious of this, make sure to have a laptop bag to hold other essentials.

Ice Cubes Are A Better Hydration Option During Flights

You cannot let your dog drink before a flight and you cannot let it go without hydration during the flight. So, how can you solve this riddle? Well, ice cubes are a good option. They are like dog treats that are not too much that the dog gets into a “situation” and still keeps it fresh and hydrated.

The moment you reach your destination, you and your dog can relax and enjoy your time. It is the stretch between home and there that you have to brave through. Hopefully, you won’t have to worry much about going through the airport and the airlines after you have gone through the tips. 

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