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10 Best Ring Lights of 2024 for a Perfect Selfie Everytime

In the golden age of content creation, having one of the best ring lights is critical to standing out among your photogenic peers. Whether for vlogging, makeup tutorials, TikToks, or simply a celebrity-level selfie, good lighting can be the difference between “meh” and “marvelous.” Lucky for us, gone are the days of precariously balancing your phone or camera against a lamp, elevated by a stack of books, probably in the least aesthetic part of your house. It’s 2024 and now we have the luxury of choosing from an extensive range of ring lights and selfie lights for your photo-snapping and video-recording pleasure.

Our Top Picks

To meet your unique needs, there are ring and selfie lights in every size for every situation at any price point. Something portable? Check. Bluetooth compatible? Yup. Tripod mounted? Naturally. Video conference ready? Of-freaking-course. Whether you’re looking to kick off a social media career or bolster your YouTube or TikTok content, a ring light is where it’s at.

Like many products enjoying their “moment,” the options can feel overwhelming — Amazon, in particular, has so many ring lights they could open a ring light museum (are we onto something?). But, because we love you and think you’re gorgeous, we want to help you pick out the light that was, like, made for you.

So, quite literally, step out of the shadows and into the spotlight and read on for one of the 10 best ring lights the web offers. Oh, and please send us a selfie after you’ve perfected your setup.

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